‘A Bigger Splash’ Exhibition, galeriepcp, Paris

My installation ‘Bodies of Water ‘ ended up touring in Paris at the galeriepcp in September 2018, for the exhibition ‘A Bigger Splash‘.

“A Bigger Splash is a group exhibition that gathers together works surrounding the theme of water; showcasing the subjective relationships of a group of nine international artists whose practices dive deep into this element. It is about human experience with water, which most of us take for granted. Water is colourless, shapeless, it can take any shape or form, it is a molecule which is made of two atoms of Hydrogen and one atom of Oxygen. This exhibition gives us the opportunity to look at water for what it is, in a dynamic way. What does this natural source means to us? How do we connect to it?”

Exhibiting artists: Alexander Glass, Roni Horn, Pierre Pauze, Hadar Mitz , Kim Tschang Yeul, Yan Zhuang and myself.

See press release here

Photographs: Edith Wagner.