Poster for Ricochet Launch

Poster realised for the launch of Ricochet at Dalston Roof Park, 4th October 2018.


“Ricochet is a physical platform based in Hackney dedicated to empower artists and creatives. Through workshops and micro-festivals, artists get the opportunity to understand better the workings of the creative industries, meet like minded people to connect with in their area, as well as to engage with local businesses and residents that make Hackney an inspiring community.”

I picked up diverse plants around Hackney, London. I used my back garden as a space for experimenting eco-printing and eco-dyeing. The process simply involves paper, natural pigments, rain water and some cellophane. I am willing to deepen this approach, where our natural surroundings are key aesthetics resources. The result is always unknown, which shows how unpredictable Nature can be.