Feminist Duration Reading Group: Ni Una Menos – The Feminist Revolution Wants to be Happy, September 2019

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The September meeting of the Feminist Duration Reading Group focuses on the international resonance of the Argentinian feminist activist movement associated with the collective Ni Una Menos [Not One Less], in a session led by Cecilia Sosa and Lidia Salvatori and organised by Félicie Kertudo.

In the context of neoconservative political backlash in Argentina, a new wave of feminist activism has emerged which contests forms of misogynist culture, gender violence and growing cases of femicide. From its start in 2015 Ni Una Menos has expanded rapidly in Argentina and beyond, reaching regions in Latin America and some countries in Europe. It has an especially strong presence in Italy, where the Non Una Di Meno group has emerged.

Drawing upon both movements, the session shows how these non-normative assemblages of bodies, digital technologies and sexuality contribute to develop feminist pockets of transnational subjectivities that challenge normative politics and social bonds. In particular, the meeting explores how contemporary neoliberal forms of vulnerability and loss could act as new ways of transnational empowerment that might suggest a transition from victimisation to joy. This form of feminist activism mostly involves a particular flair for the performative, including forms of visual art, humour, which creates a special atonement of female bodies in the public sphere. Ultimately this festive surplus gives visibility to an unprecedented amalgamation of feminist power, which might become the best weapon against conservatism. The revolution wants to be happy!

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Cecilia Palmeiro, “The Latin American Green Tide: Desire and Feminist Transversality,” 2018


Image credit: Helena Reckitt, with Jade Montserrat’s artwork.