On the Other Side



For this exhibition, I built a site-specific installation with several materials, to embody my Watery experience in Berlin.

I sourced a Water tank from the local eBay platform, filling it with a piece of fabric that resembles my skin tone, bought at the Maybachufer Market. I collected some Water plants from several Bodies of Water I visited, mainly the ones that made me feel at ease and welcome. I found a used Water fountain, which I put in the fish tank, making the Water flowing, moving. The sound was made of Watery clapotis, smoothing, calming. Three pieces of fabrics were hanging from the ceiling, making the installation blurry, giving it a feeling of closeness, where visitors had to go around to enter it. Plus, a video was projected onto the fabrics: there were excerpts of videos I took at several Bodies of Water, a closeup of the Water and my Skin surfaces, abstracting patterns from those two entities and merging them into an aesthetic material.