Germany, Berlin


TAKT KUNSTPROJEKTRAUM, is an independent arts organisation situated in Berlin, which incorporates TAKT ARTIST RESIDENCY, TAPIR GALLERY, TAKT ACADEMY and a program of art-related events. Takt provides a creative hub for artists who are new to Berlin, with the aim of fostering their creative energies, promoting international artistic exchange, and introducing international artists to our vibrant and exciting city.

Wild swimming culture is very anchored in Germany, just like England. Berlin is surrounded by lakes, where people go swimming all year round. Using the same autoethnographic research method I did for the Kenwood Ladies Pond, with an increased focus on my diseased Skin as a research tool, I conducted an extensive immersive research, which took me to several lakes accessible by public transports. I kept an ethnographic journal, while visually documenting my research journey and collecting some datas that would be used as materials for a final exhibition.



I received a STEP travel grant, awarded by the European Cultural Foundation with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo.

STEP travel grants support creative and critical artists and cultural changemakers travelling across Europe and its neighbours, to help foster a society with greater solidarity, participation, equality and a stronger sense of social justice.

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